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Full Name
Former Division psychologist, Oversight member
Significant Others
Division, Percy, Alex (possibly)
Nikita, Michael, Ryan Fletcher, Owen Elliot
First Appeared
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Amanda is Division's resident psychologist and a master manipulator. She is in charge of preparing recruits and agents, giving their task and often (and somewhat more importantly) their disguise. Amanda reiterates the La Femme Nikita character of Madeleine, the executive strategist for Section One.

Character HistoryEdit

Not much is currently known about Amanda's past or how she came to work for Division. It is implied, however, that she has been there a very long time as she is of a high rank (surpassing that of field agent) and often consults wih Percy. She is in charge of prepping the newer recruits mentally and physically, often trying to garner information that may have been previously withheld from a recruit's life before Division to ensure that they perform well under pressure. This means that she uses psychological means to make sure that a recruit is ready by providing therapy, disguises and possibly rehab to some of the recruits that may be struggling with addictions attained before Division.

She is also often seen as taking charge of torturing a recruit or others if needed, such as she does to Nikita.

Future After "Pandora"Edit

It is implied that Amanda now has left Division to become a member of the more-powerful Oversight, and she is trying to recruit Alex as of the start of the next season. She shows a fascination with Nikita and also shows the intent to track her and Michael down in the second season, perhaps even getting Alex to become involved in this. She is also known to not majorly care about Percy's black boxes.


Amanda is an experienced interrogater, almost always resorting to very invading and brutal techniques such as poisons, hallucinogens, physical mutilation and torture. Amanda is very skilled at creative truth telling, as well as mental and emotional manipulation, easily being able to twist stories to manipulate a person's views or opinions.

Amanda is a very intimidating individual, who enjoys having power over others.

Despite mostly avoiding physical confrontations Amanda is a physically strong and highly skilled fighter, being able to easily overpower Alexandra Udinov, as well as being at least as skilled as Nikita if not better. During fights she is able to overwhelm her opponents and uses strikes to the throat and groin as well as improvised weapons to quickly overpower them.

Amanda has also demonstrated considerable talent when working with technology, such as hacking, biometric locks, nervous system pattern locks, as well as more basic things such as tapping phones, identifying Division warehouses using satellite, and using the cryptograph. Amanda has also been shown to use a cranial needle to good effect, making Alex see images of a girl named Larissa and blocking Owens memories with it. She would use this same talent to manipulate minds to assist The Group to make their Doubles. She would make about 63 of them.