Ashton Holmes
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Full Name
Ashton Holmes
February 17, 1978
Albany, New York, US
First Appeared

Ashton Holmes (born February 17, 1978) is an American actor of film and television and a former soap opera actor, best known for the role of Jack Stall in A History of Violence and Private Sidney Phillips in the HBO miniseries The Pacific.


Holmes was born in Albany, New York. At a young age he began taking acting lessons and appeared in community theater. He attended The Albany Academy. He was also lead singer for the band "Method of Groove", a local Albany, NY band. Also, according to the documentary featured on their box set Neverender: Children of The Fence Edition, Holmes was the person who took Coheed and Cambria's demo into Equal Vision Records, earning them their first record deal, leading to the release of their first album, The Second Stage Turbine Blade. During his senior year of high school, he attended the intern program of the New York State Theater Institute for all aspects of theater training.